WASD to move, click to eat plant, space bar to jump.

My game is about my cat eating my plant. She used to do it a lot when I was home, but when I came back from my trip to Japan my plant was actually just a pot of dirt. I told my roommates to water it occasionally while I was gone but I guess it didn't matter. I picked this topic because I haven't thrown away my pot of dirt yet and my cat continues to circle around the pot and sometimes takes naps inside of it. It's very cute albeit very dirty because she tracks dirt around my room once she gets out.

I think the most fun part of this project was getting better at modelling stuff in Maya. Coding is kind of a disaster for me, but modeling stuff in Maya only really requires you to have eyes because you can just look at it and see that it looks bad. I mean, my cat has about 1000 extra edge loops on top of each other which made it impossible to really fix, but my person model doesn't have 1000 extra edge loops and I'm pretty sure that's the definition of learning.

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